Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On tour FIlastine w/ Nova

we might be bestfriends, or you might be the person who said to other friends about my music, or the person who said, "Nova should go to Australia for Gang Fest", or said, "i listen to Twinsista since 2003", or, "Nova you forget people's names. you are too rockstar", or a person who made a short nice profile in newspaper, or who ever be my flatmate, or person who wait for 3 months for my visit and meet in some coffee shop and talk for hours. all those opinions and conversations i never forget are my inspiration to keep on moving, writing and performing.

i'll be in Europe to join Filastine's tour. i'll be rappin my mind that i might not talk about over coffee. spread this small update to other Europe friends so i can make more friends too :)

you can also find my schedule in

--- Sept 4, 2009, at Festival du Lardon, Hipsheim, Alsace (France)
--- Sept 5, 2009, at Festival la Batie, Geneva (Switzerland)
--- Sept 11, 2009 at The Villa Club, Oslo (Norway)
--- Sept 12, 2009, at Numusic Festival, Stavanger (Norway)
--- Sept 18, 2009, at ZXZW Festival, Tilburg (Netherlands)

how i perform with Filastine? (some of you maybe already seen this)

Filastine with Nova & ECD live in Tokyo from Grey Filastine on Vimeo.

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