Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bike ride conversations in Pays-Bas

my hat on a bike, Amsterdam
:: Nova's fuzzy hat on a bike in AMS

Tell me one good reason for not being politically aware. While what I see in between countries is a huge different with my so-called rich country (Indonesia). If you are here with me and open your eyes as wide as mine, you probably will questioned, where all those oil, gas, endless padi field for all season goes? It might be shipped to other part of the world with big fat corrupted money, or might be burned with the lack of awareness of the destruction of nature by human - the most dangerous creature on earth.

I'm in Holland. The root of longest colonizer of Indonesia. It's been 350 years in captivity, made my anarchist friend in Amsterdam, Grrrt, expressed his guilty feeling about the history between us, as nations.. In one conversation while he played Indonesian street's music record - I was laughing at the lyric because it said about a girl begging a guy to kiss her after their long relationship (with no physical activity) - he said, he need a good reason to come to Indonesia. Otherwise it'll be just a bullshit touristic thing to do.

Pays-Bas, that's how we call it in French. It means "the land below" (the sea surface). This country is so small that you can go to one city to another in one hour train. I don't know why I want to forget about this grudge we have because of the past. Somehow I couldn't generalize anything anymore. Even in one most corrupted country, you will find a true good friend that maybe could give you a good book to read to continue your long trip.

Stop by in Rotterdam before a big gig in Tilburg, finally met some true friends I haven't met for years. It's Marc ( from Singapore and Cedrik ( from Belgium. More good friends also around, but Marc and Cedrik are the people who still keep in touch with me through the unrealist media called internet. Finally we could go back to the nice memory of underground scene in Indonesia. Finally talk about some more old friends we were all knew. Finally we talked about big mice in Jakarta.

I had a nice bike ride in both cities. Stopped a while beside a huge river in Rotterdam during my bike ride with Marc and talked about my sad emotional and personal thing that happen recently, and then we rode our bike again, through the amazing tunnel only for bikes, realized that life must go on... sometimes hardly..

Erasmus bridge, Rotterdam

:: with Marc, Erasmus Bridge

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